About Victoria’s

Victoria always knew she was going to be an artist.


Her unique story translates into happiness and success with a level of discipline, persistence and dedication to stay true to one’s calling.
With the influence of her mother always saying “Be all that you can be and discover whatever makes you feel wonderful and free. Paint the walls of your mind with many beautiful pictures.”
The freedom of her childhood surrounded by nature has led to a style all her own.
“My life is like a carefully conjured kaleidoscope — a colorful journey that allows me to create beauty and share it with the world.”

Come and visit Victoria’s boutique!


The rhythm and energy awakens your spirit once the doors open and all your senses come to life. Then discover another side that stirs your soul, the colors are warm and calm and you breathe easier as you observe nature and it’s beauty used for displays and accent pieces suspended from the ceiling! An experience like no other. Victoria describes it like “digging in somebody else’s purse”… you never know what you’re going to find!